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Blk and Home Spotlight: Meet Seana!

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Eccentric, soulful, colorful and fun describes Seana’s home. We encountered her home decor talent through her instagram @bellybaila and we fell in love with the surprises at every turn in her home. We are so happy to dive deeper into her inspiration and home. 


Hi Seana,

Tell our homies about yourself!

I work in Corporate America by day, in the Leadership Development field. Outside of work my creativity comes alive! I have a passion for art, music, style and design. I’m also a huge nerd and love to read and consume large amounts of useless information. My family is also very important to me and they are a big part of my life!



What’s your home location?

Charlotte, NC

Do you own or rent?

I own

Type of Home


How long have you lived in your home?

7 years



What’s your home’s square footage?

2600 SQF

Who do you share your home with (if anyone)?

Just me – solo dolo

How would you describe your home style, in a few words?

Soulful, elegant, and bold



Who designed the interior of your home?

I designed it on my own. 

What do you love about your home?

It’s unique, personalized and reflects my journey through life



What challenges have you faced obtaining or decorating your home (if any)?

Indecision – I take a long time to pull the trigger on major items and changes. Sometimes I suffer from analysis paralysis.

What’s the blackest feature in your home 😉 ?

Maybe my art… or my family gallery wall.



What’s on your at-home soundtrack?

Hip hop through the decades, a bit of Afrobeats and some 80s pop.



What’s the most expensive purchase in your home?

Herndon bachelor’s chests which I use as nightstands. A couple of pieces of art- but even that stuff isn’t super expensive. I’m a bargain shopper

Name some of your go-to places for home decor.

Thrift stores, vintage ships, FB Marketplace, Etsy


 What’s next for you in your home journey?

Take a break, travel and get re-inspired. I’ve been doing a lot



Whats your one piece of advice for the B+H Homies that want to enhance their space?

Personalize your home. It does not need to look like a showroom. Find ways to honor your passions and experience through your decor.

Thank you! How can our homies see more of you? 

Check out my TikTok @bellybaila and also also on IG @bellybaila