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Blk + Home Spotlight: Meet Laci!

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Laci (@laci_nicole) grabbed our attention with her avant-garde style, use of prints and sultry black walls. We just had to share her home with you!

Hey Laci! Tell the Homies about yourself!

I guess you can say I have an alter ego. By day, I am an attorney and law professor. By night, I like to call myself the Vibe Curator. I enjoy hosting parties and bringing life to any environment I enter. I am a creative by nature. I live life in color and generally free-spirited. I am a videographer and photographer, and I also have a profound for love fashion and interior design.

What’s your home location?

Prairieville, Louisiana



Do you own or rent?


Type of Home

A House



How long have you lived in your home?

1.5 years


What’s your home’s square footage?

2053 SQF



Who do you share your home with (if anyone)?

I live with my children. Devin (20), Kingston (12), Madison (8)

How would you describe your home style, in a few words?

Modern Eclectic



Who designed the interior of your home?


What do you love about your home?

What I love most about my home is that it represents the very fabric of who I am. It is a fitting collage of all the intricate ideas and fantasies floating around my head. This space represents freedom to me. The freedom to design outside the box and allow my creativity to run wild without boundaries.



What challenges have you faced obtaining or decorating your home ?

I like to say there are several phases of design. Phase 1 where you purchase all the large pieces of furniture. Phase 2 where you start to pull together the decorative pieces (drapes, lamps, plants, books, art). And the hardest for me, Phase 3…the magic touch. I struggled with finding paint colors, wallpaper and really filling my space with things that represent me and the aesthetic of my home. Lately, I have been finishing more of these projects and I hope to have them complete in the next few months.



What’s the blackest feature in your home ?

I have a few. But I think the overall consensus would be the neon “Power to the People” sign in my entryway.

What’s on your at-home soundtrack?

(((O))), Cleo Soul, Faye Meana, Orion Sun, The Internet, Millic



What’s the most expensive purchase in your home?

My 9 foot gold mirror.

Name some of your go-to places for home decor.

Amazon, Wayfair, Overstock, Houzz, Walmart, Etsy and Target



What’s next for you in your home journey?

I plan to add wallpaper to my bedroom, bathroom and kids bathrooms. I also plan to start Phase 3 on the kids rooms.

Whats your one piece of advice for the B+H Homies that want to enhance their space?

Scale is everything. Make sure you are looking at the measurements of everything you purchase. Larger items give your space a more high-end feel. Also, don’t rush the process. If you can’t decide on something, then WAIT. Let it breathe and it will come to you.



Do you have a website that you want to share?

How can our Homies find you?

They can follow @laci_nicole on instagram or @thelacinicole on Tik To