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Blk + Home Spotlight: Meet MJ!


When we started Blk + Home, we became instant friends with @thegirlwiththegreendoor, MJ. Her home style is clean, classic and interesting, and she was Jamaican. Thats all we needed! We are so happy to share her home style with you!

Hey MJ – Tell our homies about yourself!

I’m a New Jersey based Interior Designer with all the sauce lol. On a serious note; I enjoy the outdoors, traveling and everything water related. My design aesthetic is a unique cross between traditional and contemporary. I enjoy neutrals in design but color mixed with neutrals are my favorite.

What’s your home location?

Elizabeth, New Jersey



Do you own or rent?


Type of Home


How long have you lived in your home?

6 Years



What’s your home’s square footage?

3500 sq ft

Who do you share your home with (if anyone)?

I live with my Partner



How would you describe your home style, in a few words?

Traditional mixed with contemporary + color

Who designed the interior of your home?

I did



What do you love about your home?

The natural light and the layout

What challenges have you faced obtaining or decorating your home (if any)?

Going against the grain. I tried everything but what felt natural to the space.



What’s the blackest feature in your home 😉 ?

Beside me? Lol…. I don’t have a specific feature. I would say the homes creativity speaks to its blackness. The design in my home shows my ability to think outside the box when curating. It wouldn’t be the home of a black woman if it doesn’t exude excellence through thoughtful and intentional design.

What’s on your at-home soundtrack?

Tems- free mind, Last Last- Burna Boy & Loving Excess- Wayne Wonder



What’s the most expensive purchase in your home?

Sofa in our formal living room

Name some of your go-to places for home decor.

Anthropologie, CB2, Crate & Barrel and Burke Decor



What’s next for you in your home journey?

I would like a new coffee table and hopefully a kitchen update



Whats your one piece of advice for the B+H Homies that want to enhance their space?

1. Avoid trends! Your home is a reflection of you therefore it should be filled with pieces that you love.

2. Sign up for Pinterest. It’s a very helpful tool.

3. Be patient; Rome wasn’t built in a day neither is a good design. Design takes time. Being intentional when selecting pieces makes for a better design. I would always suggest designing in waves rather than all at once.



Do you have a website that you want to share?

Where can our homies follow you?

On instagram @Girlwiththegreendoor