Blk + Home


We are sisters that have built a community of black home enthusiasts globally. Our “homies” are the most engaged and impactful black home community who are excited about all things Blk and Home! 

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Hey Homies! We are Michelle & Steph – the faces behind Blk +Home. We created this community out of the real need to celebrate how Black people live at home around the globe and to connect those that are inspired by it!

We have lived around the globe – being born to Jamaican parents in Bermuda, living in the US, UK, Europe and Africa. Black people have an amazing ability to bring creativity and vibes to how we live, no matter how large or small our spaces.

We wanted to share that with the world and have our community share tips and showcase this uniqueness through Blk + Home. This page is yours! Use our instagram, FB, and Blog to show OUT! We want to see home decor, DIY, Products that you love, self care, art, and anything to do with how WE live.

Can’t wait to collaborate with you!


Our community are the Homies – Your homes, stories and DIY are the geniuses behind the account!

How do you become a Homie? Start to participate on Instagram, Facebook and sign up for our email list.

What perks come with being a homie? We will be having exclusive events, product discounts and conversations, just for our Homies.

There is so much to look forward to. Lets build this together


Photo Credit: Laci Nicole | Instagram: @laci_nicole